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PALICO Grindtech

PALICO Grindtech

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  • Steel made conical burr
  • Low noise motor 
  • Tactile switch - simple & safe
  • Zero retention
  • Wide range grind size - 5 main grind adjustments & 4 mini grind size setting in between (Total: 20 grind size)
  • Cordless design - portable, convenient, easy storage
  • Long lasting battery - grind 150 - 200g coffee beans after fully charged
  • Aluminium made coffee ground container
  • Anodizing coating housing - stylish outlook
  • App monitor
  • Hopper capacity: 20 - 25g
  • 1 year warranty

Grindtech: 64mm x 64mm x 145mm
Container with lid: 75mm x 75mm x 53mm
Wireless charging pad with Type-C USB: 77mm x 77mm x 8mm
User Guide


Don't worry! All Palico grinders and machines from our coffee online store are covered by a 1-year warranty. During the warranty period, we provide free checking and repair service. The warranty period for your product(s) starts on the original date of purchase as shown on your sales receipt or invoice. Note that warranty service from our coffee store is not covered for product(s) which have been altered and tampered.

Our coffee online shop recommends all customers to read the user guideline carefully to prevent any misuse of products. If you have any usage problems, please feel free to contact our online coffee shop Hong Kong team.

What if the warranty has expired?

You can have free repair service during the warranty period. If the warranty has expired, you can still contact us for help as our online coffee shop Hong Kong team is always eager to give support to all our customers. If the item(s) need to be repaired, the repairing costs will be quoted separately by our coffee store on the basis of its current condition.

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  • Steel Made Conical Burr

    Conical burr translates into less grinding noise and heat accumulation. Robust, long-lasting steel made provides more equal and constant grind size.

  • Low Noise Motor

    We built in a DC motor for Grindtech: Long life, low noise, and optimised performance.

  • Cordless + Charging (Battery)

    Convenient, easy storage, and USB charging. With fully charged in an hour, you can grind 150g-200g coffee beans.

  • Zero Retention

    We have created a pioneering which not all coffee grinders can do: Zero retention. No waste of coffee. Perfect!

  • Fine


  • Medium-Fine

    Coffeeology Press

  • Medium

    Hand Drip Coffee

  • Medium-Coarse

    Cold Brew

  • Coarse


    French Press

Aluminium Coffee Cup + Anodizing Coating Housing

A dual usage container: You can store your favorable coffee bean into this weeny, light weight, zero static, stylish black coffee cup. Naturally Anodizing ALUMINIUM housing, no fading of its appearance.

Tactile Switch + Light Indication

Simple & safe. Half moon on/ off tact switch design. Easy to control our GRINDTECH by just pressing down mirror black P icon.

Built-In Bluetooth + App Monitor

Our Grindtech has built in bluetooth which let you read its mind. And also... control it! We have also designed and created an app which can connect together with our Grindtech in order to give customers a perfect brewing experience along with technology.


Story Behind Grindtech

I think a lot of people like travelling, when you are out of town, while you are enjoying the sunshine, viewing the spectacular mountain scenery in a rural countryside, at this time, may you opt for a good cup of coffee?  Today, I want to share my coffee story with you.

Making coffee is one of the precious moments I enjoy very much. I always put on a smile when my kitchen is filled with coffee aroma.  But how can I bring this pleasure feeling when I am far away from home, this intriguing idea driving me to work on this amazing product – GRINDTECH. It combines with all the elements I am looking for, it is cordless rechargeable design, you don’t need to worry about different countries with various voltage; the housing is being made with AL material, it won’t get scratch so easily, and the weight is more light, the product size is very compact; one more important thing on this product is we have selected “Steel” material made Conical Burr, it can ensures a high uniformity grind size we don’t want to miss. 

Now when I go to anywhere in the world, I can make my own coffee so easily, what I need to do is just to pack my GRINDTECH up into my backpack and carry it to all the places I like to go.