Our Story

PALICO is an innovative brand of coffee products, based in Hong Kong. Our journey began back in the 1970’s when manufacturing was popular in Hong Kong. Our factory has been established at that time, and in our early stages, we were a mixed business, making tooling for overseas customers and small kitchen appliances such as toasters, vacuum bag sealer and can openers, etc.

In the 1980’s, we decided to build our own factory and began making drip coffee makers, espresso makers, and coffee grinders. Our products were sold to North America, Europe and Asia market under
different brand names such as CUISINART, BLACK & DECKER, TCHIBO, KRUPS, WILFA, RUSSELL HOBBS. At the peak season we were having over 50 customers and we sold over million coffee maker and coffee grinder every year.


In 2016, despite our success, we had a strong desire to create our own brand name “PALICO” for coffee products. To strengthen our coffee knowledge to support product development, we take part in
the SCAA Coffee Diplomat Course. The course taught us a lot about the relationship between grinding and brewing, and we are now confident in telling our customers about the ideal grind size for different types of coffee.


In 2021, PALICO continues stepping forward as usual, start developing another innovative coffee grinder, walking alongside with “GRINDTECH” is our team leader’s newly design brewing tool named “COFFEEOLOGY PRESS”.


In 2022, after 2 years of hard working together, both “GRINDTECH” & “COFFEEOLOGY PRESS” are ready to launch on our online shop, we really hope our customers are over the moon with these innovative products.


PALICO’s journey in the coffee industry is just beginning, and the company promises to bring more innovative and high-quality products to the markets in the future, we invite everyone can be the witness to walk together with us!