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PALICO Coffeeology Press

PALICO Coffeeology Press

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  • Good travel companion with its compact and portable design
  • Ultra simple brewing process - let you make satisfying coffee so easy, just add coffee ground and water for fresh coffee anywhere
  • Include durable stainless steel reusable mesh filters for your convenient and purportedly fulfill renewable concept
  • Easy filled screw-capped coffee ground compartment with 25g capacity
  • Adjustable plunger allows you to control your own brew time for the strength you prefer
  • Compatible mug with pouring spout makes it easy to serve your coffee
  • Diverse drink - considerable diversity in the style of drink
  • Excellent price - great value for the quality and convenience


Coffeeology Press: 102mm x 93mm x 199mm
Mug: 113mm x 91mm x 105mm
User Guide

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        • Adjustable flavour

          One detachable cap design. You can make Espresso style coffee, filter coffee, over ice coffee or cold brew coffee in 3-4 mins.

        • Best Travel Companion

          Light weight, easy for storage.
          Ideal for home use, office, camping, and travelling wherever you want to.

        • Pressurization

          Brew with pressurization. By pumping hot water through the coffee grinds under pressure, the coffee's quality can be effectively maintained.

        Distinctive Filter Cap Design

        At any time you want to drink coffee in either espresso style or drip style, our Coffeeology Press could perfectly fit your preferences. Adjust the coffee flavour from intense to mild by simply sliding the valves.

        No Grit in Coffee

        We invented the best and easy-going microfilter which removes most of the sediment.

        Super Easy Brewing

        Your desired coffee will be ready within 2 minutes without over extraction. It can do cold brew too. No doubt!