Coffee Grinder

Grind Your Way of Coffee

Coffee grinder is one of the key elements we don’t want to miss in making coffee.

We ensure you will feel amazed exploring new coffee experience with our grinders.


I put coffee beans into the coffee grinder, but no coffee ground comes out. What do I do?

The machine may be clogged when you grind fine coffee ground. Please check if the machine has power or not after plugging in power cord. If not, please contact us for maintenance. If yes, please turn on the machine and switch grind size to coarse setting to release the coffee beans.

For Palico Pro Coffee Grinder, which grind size is suitable for making espresso coffee grinder?

Every coffee grinder has little bit deviation on ground size. We suggest user can start from grinding size #4. The taste of espresso is depending various factors, including coffee bean roasting level, coffee ground size and coffee ground amount. You can try your own recipe or discuss with us to find out your favorite formula.

Should I take out the hopper to clean my grinder?

It depends on design of coffee grinder, but we sincerely suggest that contact us before you try to take out the hopper.


Palico Grindtech:

As this is a portable coffee grinder machine, the bean hopper is small. We suggest using a soft brush to clean the coffee ground that is leaving in the hopper. Cleaning with rice is another option after a long time of use.


Palico Aroma Coffee Grinder:

You can take out hopper and burr. Then, use a soft brush to clean coffee ground that leaving in hopper. When you put back the hopper and burr, please make sure there is no coffee ground sticking on it. You can also clean the grinder with rice.


Palico Pro Coffee Grinder:

We do not suggest user twist out the bean hopper unless it is necessary. Any coffee ground may stay in between hopper thread, it may cause misalignment when user try to rotate back the hopper into grinder, it will damage the machine.

How do I clean my coffee grinder?

Coffee grinder cannot be cleaned by water, but it may be clogged without cleaning after using it for a long period of time. We suggest user using rice to clean coffee grind after using for a long period of time (i.e., at least using more than 6 months)