PALICO Aroma Pro-Coffee Maker

instruction manual
  • Step One

    Fill with Water

    - Remove the water reservoir lid. 

    - Use the decanter to pour the desired amount of cold water into the water reservoir.

  • Step Two

    Add the filter with filter holder with the filter stand attached into the neck of the empty decanter.

  • Step Three

    Add ground coffee.

  • Step Four

    Together with the ground coffee, filter, filter holder with the filter stand and the decanter, put the whole set back to the coffee maker.

  • Step Five

    - Press the On/Off power button. The button will illuminate white as the Coffee Maker begins the BREW cycle.

    - Water will begin to visibly pump up and through the shower head onto the grounds. Upon completion of the BREW cycle, 3 beeps will sound. Wait at least 1 minute until all of the brew dripping from the shower head into the decanter has topped. Then remove grounds.

  • Step Six

    Pour the coffee into a coffee cup and