Pour Over / Hand Drip Brewing Reference Guide

This is  a reference guide for 225ml coffee.

You will need:

  • Coffee Bean

    PALICO coffee bean

    (light medium / medium roast)

  • Dripper

    CAFEC flower dripper

    or any v cone dripper

  • Paper Filter

    CAFEC paper filter

    or any filter that fit your dripper

  • Coffee Grinder

    PALICO Pro coffee grinder

    (grind size #25)

  • Kettle

    Pour over kettle or electronic pour over kettle

  • Scale

    PALICO scale

  • Glass Server

    Any server

  • Timer

    Total brew time will be 2:30 - 3:00 mins

Step one

Weight 15g coffee bean and grind to medium level.

Step two

Boil water to 92℃.

Note: In order to highlight the nuanced flavors of the light roast coffee, we recommend a lower water to coffee ratio of 15:1.

Step three

Set the paper filter to the dripper. Wet the filter with hot water and remove any excessive water before brew.

Step four

Fill the filter with ground coffee and level the surface by tapping gently on the edge of dripper. Place the dripper onto the glass server and set it onto the scale. Reset the scale to 0.

Step five

Fully saturate the grind by pouring 30g water to the it evenly. Let it blossom and rise for 30 seconds to release the trapped Co2. Better taste.

Step six

Start the first brew by gently pouring around 70g of water to the grind.
Starting from the center towards the edge in spiral / circular motion.

Continue the brew by repeating the first brew for another 3 times or until the scale indication reaches 225g.

Final step

Wait until the coffee stop dripping from the dripper, remove the dripper. Your coffee is ready to serve.