PALICO Handy Coffee Grinder

instruction manual
  • Step One

    How to Unlock Upper Case from the Bean Hopper.

    ​Open the hopper by turning the upper casing to the position.

    Grip and hold the upper case with one hand, use an other hand hold the hopper rotate upper hopper into clockwise direction once you hear click sound, you can take out the upper case.

  • Step Two

    Prepare the Coffee Bean

    Weigh the coffee beans based on your desired brew volume. Pour the beans into othe hopper and close by replacing back the casing. Turn the casing to the     position.

    Coffee bean hopper capacity: 30g

  • Step Three

    Grind Size Selection

    Select the desired grinding size by turning the grinding setting, from fine to coarse.

  • Step Four

    Start Grinding

    a. Connect the power cable to the appliance and plug in.
    b. Press the On/Off button to start the grinding process.
    c. Once the desired quantity of beans has been grinded, switch off the handy grinder by pressing On/Off button. 

    You can stop/interrupt the grinding process 
    at any time by pressing the On/Off button.   

  • Step Five

    Dispense Ground Coffee into any Brewing Tool.

    Holding the handy grinder firmly in one hand, grasp the bottom ring with the other hand and turn clockwise with right hand until the coffee ground container door is in the open position. Dispense ground coffee directly into any brewing tool.