Paper Filters: An Essential Coffee Accessory for Drip-Fanatics

Paper Filters: An Essential Coffee Accessory for Drip-Fanatics

Paper filter is one of the essential items for drip coffee lovers. There are many crucial elements that need to be considered when you are choosing a paper filter. However, many people notice size and shape only when they purchase paper filters in a coffee accessories shop.

Besides the size and shape, material and permeability are also important when choosing paper filters as part of your coffee accessories in Hong Kong. There are two colors of the paper filter, white and brown. Like the paper for writing, paper filters are made of wood or plants, so they are in wooden color. Paper filters are bleached to turn into white color. Although bleached paper filters are safe and they do not affect the taste of brewed coffee, they are non-eco-friendly products. White paper filters consume more chemicals during production.

In order to protect our planet, some people would like to use brown paper filters and it is one of the coffee accessories that is growing in popularity recently. CAFEC paper filters are made of non-wood material, Musa textilis, and wood pulp. Musa textilis is a banana species with a fast-growing rate. Using it for making paper filters is comparatively more eco-friendly than using wood. Musa textilis is the strongest natural fiber. It is suitable for making paper and handcrafts, including bags, clothing, and furniture. Paper filter made by Musa textilis has good air and liquid permeability, as well as elasticity. Water can flow steadily, and all the fine coffee grounds are filtered by the paper filter so you can enjoy a clear cup of coffee with rich flavours. If you are using a cone shape dripper, the paper filter from our coffee accessories shop is suitable for you too.

Other Types of Coffee Filters

As part of their coffee accessories, some people would like to have a mesh filter instead of paper filter. Without doubt, reusable filters can produce less waste. Paper filters can filter fine coffee grounds, so the brewed coffee is clean and clear.

Unlike the paper filter, the metal filter is not fine enough to catch all the small coffee grounds. Hence, there will be some sediment found in the coffee. You may have thicker mouthfeel with the sediment. The sediment can enrich the flavour of coffee so your coffee will feel slightly heavier and stronger. In addition, you will get many coffee grounds on the filter after brewing and cleaning becomes a tough task. Our coffee accessories shop recommends that if you are willing to take time for cleaning, a metal filter can be your alternative. However, not many people prefer to use this as part of their coffee accessories in Hong Kong. The convenience of disposal filters still attracts many users today.

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