Grind Your Way of Life

Grind Your Way of Life

A high-quality coffee grinder is the key to delicious coffee. Embark on your coffee journey with our grinders. Learn more about our grinders.

Coffee grinder – burr or blade?

For having a good cup of coffee, you need to equip a coffee grinder machine for grinding coffee. During the brewing process, chemical elements will be dissolved in water. The different combinations of chemicals lead to varying flavor of coffee. Using whole beans for brewing not only takes a long time but also is hard to extract the chemicals inside the beans. In order to have ideal extraction, we need to use a coffee grinder machine to grind coffee into small pieces.
There are two types of coffee grinders you can use at home: blade grinder and burr grinder. The blade grinder is made with a propeller shaped blade that chops the beans. It functions like a blender or a food processor. Coffee ground is uneven in size as the coffee grinder is repeatedly slicing the beans into pieces. The design of a blade coffee grinder does not allow users to adjust grind size. The fitness of the coffee ground is decided by how long the machine runs. With inconsistent grind size, it is hard to have good extraction of coffee.
Unlike the blade grinders, burr coffee grinders crush the beans to a preset coarseness. Therefore, they can give a much more even grind. With consistent grind size, you can enjoy an amazing cup of home at home every day.
Blade Grinder | Palico
Burr | Palico

Portable coffee grinder 

Burr coffee grinders can be manual or electric. Without the electric power source, the construction of the manual grinder can be simplified. The compact design is one of the reasons why many people would like to have a manual coffee grinder in Hong Kong. However, the grinding process takes time. Users have to grind coffee manually. The burr inside the grinder cannot be large so users can grind the beans more easily. It will lead to less grind size setting available.
Many consumers may hesitate to purchase an electric coffee grinder machine because of the size of the machine. Without doubt, electric coffee grinders have more complicated construction so the size may be bigger than a manual grinder. However, electric coffee grinder can be small and portable.

Palico Grindtech

is a wireless coffee grinder with a conical burr made of steel. There are 20 grind adjustments that are suitable for espresso, pour over and steep coffee. The maximum capacity of a bean hopper is 20g. This grinder is rechargeable. You can grind up to 200g coffee beans with a full charge. Coffee will be directly ground into the ground container. No coffee grounds will be wasted and zero retention. There is a travel bag for storing the grinder. With compact design, Grindtech will be the best partner in your coffee journey. We also developed a mobile application for Grindtech. Using the Palico app to control Grindtech and brewing a perfect cup!

Grindtech | Palico

Flat Burr or Conical Burr

Burr coffee grinder can be divided into two types, conical burr and flat burr. Conical burr grinds coffee into particles with two serrated rings, an outer serrated burr and a cone shaped burr in the center. The distance between these two rings determines the size of the coffee ground. The closer they are the finer the grind. With the design of conical burr, coffee grounds it creates are bimodal. That means you can get both coarse and fine coffee grounds at the same time. As conical burr grinders produce less fine coffee grounds, these grinders are generally recommended for making hand drip or pour over which request less fine coffee grounds for brewing. 
Conical burr | Palicoffee

Concial burr

Aroma Coffee Grinder burr | Palicoffee 

Aroma Coffee Grinder Concial Burr Shot

Coffee ground by conical burr grinder | Palicoffee Coffee Ground by Conical Burr Grinder


Palico Aroma Coffee Grinder

is a home use electric coffee grinder. This coffee grinder machine has many advantages: conical burr with 18 different settings that can be able to make espresso, drip coffee or French press; removable hopper for easy cleaning and maintenance; timer for preset grind time; sleek stylish cosmetic outlook; large capacity for up to 100g beans. If you use a large capacity coffee maker, you still can get a large amount of coffee grounds in seconds after pressing the power on button. It is valuable to have this grinder at home.
Pallico Aroma Coffee Grinder
Palico Aroma Coffee Grinder
The construction of flat burr is different from conical burr. Flat burrs have two donut-shaped burrs which face one another with very sharp edges. The beans are pushed through and crushed to their desired size due to the distance between the burrs. Coffee grounds are even and consistent that can enrich the taste and aroma of the coffee. Flat burr coffee grinders normally can create more fine coffee grounds due to the design so they are recommended for making espresso or moka pot.
Flat burr | Palicoffee
Flat burr

Palico Pro Grinder flat burr | Palicoffee
Palico Pro Grinder Flat Burr Shot
Coffee ground by flat burr | PalicoffeeCoffee Ground by Flat Burr Grinder

Palico Pro Coffee Grinder

is a premium home use flat burr grinder. With the Italy made 58mm flat burrs, it offers 41 grinding adjustments from fine to coarse. For home use coffee grinder, it is difficult to find another electric coffee grinder in Hong Kong with this size of burrs. Consumers can make all kinds of coffee drinks with this coffee grinder machine. This electric coffee grinder machine is particularly suitable for espresso because of its consistent grind size. With one-touch operation design, users can simply press a button to operate the machine. Maximum capacity of bean hopper is 75g. Slow-running motor can prevent coffee grounds from being heated up during grinding and retain the aroma and original flavor of coffee.
Palico Pro Grinder | Palicoffee
Palico Pro Grinder
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