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PALICO Aroma-Pro Coffeemaker

PALICO Aroma-Pro Coffeemaker

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  • 10 cups water tank (1375ml)
  • Brew coffee volume: up to 1250ml
  • Trapezoid shape brew basket with designed rips to control water flow
  • Distinctive shower head design extraction
  • Precise constant brew water temperature (92 – 96C)
  • 30 mins keep warm
  • Auto off
  • 1 year warranty
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  • Time

    Brewing time is essential as the amount of time the water is in contact with the coffee determines the amount of solubles extracted. This machine can finish the brewing process for 10 cups of coffee within 8 minutes which is the proper brew time and coffee will not be overextraction.

  • Temperature

    According to SCA standard, ideal brew water temperature is 92 – 96C. This machine can accurately control the brew water temperature. Water will be heated up to 92C within 1mintue and will not over 96C during the whole brewing process.

  • Turbulence

    Water needs to pass through and over the coffee grounds for proper exaction. With special shower head design, coffee grounds will be evenly wetted and extracted.

Distinctive shower head design

Coffee grounds can be evenly saturate for optimal extraction. Brewed coffee is sweet, smooth and without bitterness.

Elegant cosmetic outlook

Easy to pour water with the transparent water tank. Glass carafe with a elegant design can be one of the embellishment at your home.