About Us

"Palico isn't only a coffee brand; but also a way of communicating with a friend."


We are obsessed with coffee because we adore how it connects our spirit to the land, how it introduces us to new people, and how it helps us find our path. Here's how we do it, PALICOFFEE, the ideal cup.

But how the coffee grinds is of the utmost importance to the fundamental of coffee. We insist on our own creation and manufacture of coffee grinders, and coffee makers as we understand the needs of the coffee lovers and what you are pursuing.

With considerate design, our machines are very robust and user friendly.We have strict standards and requirements for all our products, and all the machines are tested before they are available at our coffee online shop. As a result, all the products we sold are of good quality and all the beans are freshly roasted.

We make grinders.

All of our coffee grinders are expertly created by our team and produced in our own factory. We aim to create high-quality coffee grinders which create consistent grind sizes. We provide the most significant brew quality. Despite having a wealth of expertise in the production of coffee equipment, we will continue to produce innovative and superior coffee grinders.

Our team has also participated in several training sessions approved by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of professional coffee expertise and develop into a dependable and trustworthy coffee grinders manufacturer of high quality goods. Our team has the knowledge necessary to create the best coffee grinders.

We roast beans.

It's just the beginning of our work when the coffee beans join our family after going through all the rigorous screening and careful selection from the sources.

We are not only insisting on having all our beans crafted in small batches and roasted to orders for freshness, we also adhere to have the beans chart, graph, cup, taste, tweak, roast and cup again consistently for a guarantee on the stable quality coffee beans.

We roast beans to bring out the true character of the coffee, yet, in a style that is easy to handle so any person can brew their own coffee at home and get embraced by the breath from the mother nature.

We brew coffee.

To all coffee geeks, you need to devote much effort in creating an amazing cup of coffee. Good coffee accessories can go a long way in helping you to achieve this goal. Although the living area in Hong Kong is quite cramped, many people are still willing to have a hand drip coffee set at home. It is fun to be your own barista as you can control all the factors that may influence the taste of your hand drip coffee. It is therefore extremely worth having a hand drip coffee set at home.

We design brewing tools purely just because we love coffee. Don't worry! We are professional. Now we invest different brrewing tools like smart dripper, scale, and most importantly, our new Coffeeology Press. Feel free to discover more, they are all in here!

Palico coffee brewing tools: Coffeeology Press

We form friendships.

"A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent." We partner with local cafes to share the coffee love and explore the infinity of coffee.

We aim to form friendships with everyone among the world. We are determined to bring the enjoyment of quality coffee to the public and introduce them into the profound coffee world in every altitude and latitude.

We offer a wide range of workshops, from the fundamentals—an introduction to espresso, latte art, and cupping—to in-depth explorations of coffee's history.

We invite all amateurs into infinite coffee imagination. Different coffee tasting workshops are held to teach them how to identify different coffee beans and brew in various ways. They can have hands-on experience on brewing their own cup with different brewing equipment.

It's all about coffee appreciation!


PALICO is a daily necessity, a buddy, a means of communication, a pleasure shared with the beloved ones, and a definition of coffee.


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