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For a Good Cup

Palico is an online coffee shop in Hong Kong. We collect professional coffee machines, equipment, and tools. To enjoy a good cup of coffee, all you need is a good grinder, good beans, and a good mood.

Recipes / User Guide

Our Palico coffee store can make your ordinary day extraordinary.


As we are a coffee online shop, customers can place orders with our coffee store at any time. All purchases of over HKD800 can enjoy free delivery service. Our online coffee shop in Hong Kong will then arrange shipment for all the purchased items within 2 working days. With quick delivery, it is convenient to buy tools and beans at our coffee online store.

Good Quality

Our coffee store is slightly different from other online coffee shops in Hong Kong. The products on our coffee online shop are of good quality but at a reasonable price, because all our grinders and machines are designed by our team. Also, we can have better control on the quality of the products available on our coffee online store as the machines are produced in our factory. Therefore, customers can purchase budget-friendly items at our coffee store in Hong Kong.

The Joy of Coffee

As an online coffee shop in Hong Kong, the sharing of coffee culture is one of our aims. For some people, coffee is just a drink for energy. They drink coffee for the sole purpose of taking in caffeine.

On the other hand, for coffee lovers like us, coffee means enjoyment. It is relaxing to have a coffee break after working. A coffee store in Hong Kong is a place for gathering. People can spend the whole day in a coffee shop. You will have a lot of fun when you embark on the journey of coffee.

It is interesting when you discover the diversity of different blends, machines and brewing methods. Different combinations of beans, tools or recipes can create various tastes. Understanding how to appreciate the taste of coffee is the crucial starting point so just drink. You can experience how amazing coffee is after trying different tastes. Our coffee store’s Hong Kong team is willing to serve as a guide for you. What you need to do is just visit our coffee online store, and search for the most suitable items for you to enjoy!

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Our Story

A coffee store in Hong Kong is often thought of as a shop providing coffee and beans only. People typically go to a coffee shop for a cup of coffee, but we think that instead of coffee, a coffee store can offer much more. In order to change the traditional thinking of the coffee store in Hong Kong, we want to establish our very own coffee store with professional equipment, quality roasted beans and spread the joy of coffee.

Online shopping has become a part of our life, and there are various online coffee stores in Hong Kong. Hence, in accordance with the latest trend, we have founded our own coffee online shop so that we can engage with our customers more easily.

Our coffee online shop – Palico, was officially founded in 2016. Our team has over 10-years’ experience of producing a wide range of grinders and machines, so we understand the concerns of our coffee online store customers when they choose different equipment. With considerate design, our machines are very robust and user-friendly. We have strict standards and requirements for all our products, and all the machines are tested before they are available at our coffee online shop. As a result, all the products available on our coffee online store is of good quality and all the beans are freshly roasted. We hope everyone can have a wonderful coffee break every day.

We carefully source useful and professional coffee tools. It is convenient to do shopping at our coffee online store. We believe that coffee is not just a drink but a way of life. We periodically organize workshops, coffee sharing events, as well as pop up coffee stores to share the joy of coffee. Coffee is for enjoyment and we welcome any discussions about coffee. If you have any inquiries, please send a message to our online coffee shop in Hong Kong through the chat box.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find the tools that are suitable for me on your coffee online store?

There are various brewing methods for coffee, and different methods require different tools or equipment. As you enter our coffee store, you can choose the items you need based on your purpose. We have three grinders for all brewing purposes and a wide collection of drip tools on our coffee online shop. You can also contact us for help, and our coffee store’s expert team will be happy to provide suggestions for you.

Which products are covered by warranty service?

All Palico grinders and machines from our coffee online store are covered by a 1-year warranty. During the warranty period, we provide free checking and repair service. The warranty period for your product(s) starts on the original date of purchase as shown on your sales receipt or invoice. Note that warranty service from our coffee store is not covered for product(s) which have been altered and tampered.

Our coffee online shop recommends all customers to read the user guideline carefully to prevent any misuse of products. If you have any usage problems, please feel free to contact our online coffee shop Hong Kong team.

Do I need to register for the warranty service?

No, our warranty service does not require any registration. Products will be covered by warranty service if they are purchased from our coffee online store.

Can I have my product(s) fixed even after the warranty has expired?

You can have free repair service during the warranty period. If the warranty has expired, you can still contact us for help as our online coffee shop Hong Kong team is always eager to give support to all our customers. If the item(s) need to be repaired, the repairing costs will be quoted separately by our coffee store on the basis of its current condition.

Can I return or request any refunds after purchase?

You can apply for return and refund within 7 days of shopping and receiving your purchase from our coffee online shop (based on delivery record). Please read our return and refund policy for more details.

How do I contact your coffee store if I have questions after my purchase?

Please feel free to contact our coffee store through Whatsapp (+852 5115 6262) or by email (icy@palicoffee.net). Our coffee store Hong Kong team will reply as soon as possible. If there are urgent cases, please contact us via +852 5115 6262.