PALICO Aroma Pro-Coffee Maker

instruction manual

Product Overview

A    Water Reservoir Lid
B    Pour Over Shower Head
C    Water Reservoir
D    Coffeemaker Unit
E    On/Off Power Button with indicator light
F    Warming Plate

G    Plastic Filter Holder

H    Glass Decanter

Step One

Fill with Water

- Remove the water reservoir lid. 

- Use the decanter to pour the desired amount of cold water into the water reservoir. 

Step Two

Add the filter with filter holder with the filter stand attached into the neck of the empty decanter.

Step Three

Add ground coffee.

Step Four

Together with the ground coffee, filter, filter holder with the filter stand and the decanter, put the whole set back to the coffee maker.

Step Five

- Press the On/Off power button. The button will illuminate white as the Coffee Maker begins the BREW cycle.

- Water will begin to visibly pump up and through the shower head onto the grounds. Upon completion of the BREW cycle, 3 beeps will sound. Wait at least 1 minute until all of the brew dripping from the shower head into the decanter has topped. Then remove grounds.

Step Six

Pour the coffee into a coffee cup and