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Burr Coffee Grinders

Coffee grinder machine is essential for having a good cup of coffee. There are two types of coffee grinders – burr grinder and blade grinder. The blade grinder is made with a propeller shaped blade that chops the beans. It functions like a blender or a food processor. Many coffee grinders and brew coffee maker machines in Hong Kong, whether at office or at home, are using blade grinder. The grinder can grind faster than a burr grinder, but coffee ground can become uneven in size which will lead to a bad tasting cup of coffee. Also, the design of the blades does not allow users to adjust grind size.

Unlike blade grinders, burr coffee grinders in Hong Kong have more advantages. The user can adjust the grind size so they can make various coffee drinks with it. As the grinder “grinds” coffee instead of “chopping” the beans, users can get consistent coffee grounds which can enrich the flavours of their coffee. In practice, burr grinders tend to grind beans slower but the slow speed can prevent the motor heating up the coffee grounds.

Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Machines

Conical burr and flat burr are two popular types of burr grinders. The conical and flat burrs both grind coffee in the same way. There are two serrated rings. One moves against the other with jagged edges. Since the beans go between the two rings, they are ground to a uniform size. The difference between the two types of burrs is the shape of their rings, and offers various advantages over blade grinders, like those found in coffee maker types.

Conical burrs have an outer serrated burr and a cone-shaped burr in the center. The beans will be pulled into the grinding area when the center burr spins. With the design of conical burr, the coffee grounds it produces are bimodal. That means you can get both coarse and fine coffee grounds. As conical burr grinder produces less fine coffee grounds, some people do not recommend it for making espressos. Hence, this type of grinder is more suitable for making coffee drinks that do not need so much fine coffee grounds, such as drip coffee.

Palico Aroma Coffee Grinder is a smart choice for an electric coffee grinder in Hong Kong. This coffee grinder machine at its price has many advantages: conical burr with 18 different settings that can be able to make espresso, drip or French press; removable hopper for easy cleaning and maintenance; timer for pre-set grind time; sleek stylish cosmetic outlook; large capacity for up to 100g beans. If you use large capacity coffee maker types, you still can get a large amount of coffee grounds in seconds after pressing the power on button. Also, this coffee grinder machine has an inexpensive price. The price of conical burr coffee grinder in Hong Kong is quite expensive, but the grinder is similar to many premium hand grinders. To enjoy a tasty cup of coffee, it is worth it to have this coffee grinder at home or at the office.


Flat Burr Coffee Grinder Machines

Flat burrs have two donut-shaped burrs which face one another with very sharp edges. With the design of flat burrs, beans can stay between two burrs, and they will be perfectly ground up. Therefore, coffee grounds are even and consistent, so it can enrich the taste and aroma of the coffee. As flat burr can produce fine coffee grounds, it is more suitable for making espresso.

Palico Pro Coffee Grinder is a premium flat burr grinder. With the Italian-made 58mm flat burrs, it offers 41 grinding settings from fine to coarse. For home use coffee grinder, it is difficult to find another electric coffee grinder in Hong Kong with this size of burrs. Consumers can make all kinds of coffee drinks with this coffee grinder machine for home or office. This grinder can match with most home use espresso coffee makers in Hong Kong. You can even make espressos with our commercial espresso coffee maker machine. As mentioned before, flat burr coffee grinder can produce more fine coffee grounds. This electric coffee grinder machine is particularly suitable for espressos, as it is easy to use with one-touch operation. Maximum capacity of bean hopper is 75g, and the in-built slow-running motor can prevent coffee grounds from being heated up during the grinding process.


Electric Hand Coffee Grinder Hong Kong Products

Beside the types of burrs, whether it is a manual or electric coffee grinder is another consideration when people purchase a coffee grinder. When you find electric coffee grinders in Hong Kong, most of them are tall and bulky. With a simple construction, manual coffee grinders can be quite small, and the price is comparatively inexpensive. These are the reasons why many people would prefer the manual coffee grinder in Hong Kong. However, users first need to train their muscles. Without an electric power source, grinding coffee done by your own hands for manual coffee grinders. Also, the burr inside the grinder cannot be large because it will be difficult when using the coffee grinder machine. Hence, there are always lesser grind size settings for micro-adjustments.

Many consumers may prefer to purchase an electric coffee grinder because of the price and size of the machine. Without doubt, an electric coffee grinder has more complicated construction than manual coffee grinders that may lead to a bigger size of the machine. An electric hand coffee grinder can solve this problem.

Palico Handy Coffee Grinder is portable and space saving because of the small size and lightweight. This electric hand coffee grinder, with a conical grinder made of steel, and has 9 different grind sizes setting from fine to coarse which is suitable for filter coffee and steep coffee. The bean container of this electric hand coffee grinder can put up to 20g of beans. Its compact design is common for most coffee makers in Hong Kong. A 100-240V worldwide adaptor lets users grind coffee anywhere, even during vacation.

Find the Ideal Coffee Maker in Hong Kong

The coffee maker machine is a kitchen appliance that can brew coffee automatically. A coffee maker can let you brew a large quantity of coffee in one go. Due to small living spaces, it is uncommon to have a coffee maker in Hong Kong. 

Nonetheless, the Palico Aroma-Pro Coffee Maker, available at our store, can perform its job while also being part of your home decoration because of its sleek design. A good coffee maker can make your life more convenient while spicing up your living space. With this reasonably priced coffee maker machine, you just need to put water and coffee ground, press the on/off button, and wait for it to finish the brewing cycle. This coffee maker machine can brew up to 8 cups of coffee, and the shower head design is to imitate drip. As a result, the brewed coffee from this coffee maker tastes like pour-over coffee. By design, this coffee maker machine can keep warm for 30 minutes and it will automatically shut off afterwards so that brewed coffee will not be burnt.


About Using Coffee Makers & Grinders - Frequently Asked Questions:


I put beans into the coffee grinder, but no coffee ground comes out. What should I do? 

The coffee grinder machine may be clogged when you grind fine coffee grounds. Please check if the coffee grinder machine has power or not after plugging in the power cord. If not, please contact us for maintenance. If yes, please turn on the machine and switch grind size to coarse setting to release the beans.


For the Palico Pro Coffee Grinder, which grind size is suitable for making espresso coffee grinder? 

Every coffee grinder has a little deviation on ground size. We suggest users can start from grinding size #4. The taste of espresso depends on various factors, including the beans’ roasting level, coffee ground size and coffee ground amount. You can try your own recipe or discuss with us to find out your favourite formula.


Should I take out the hopper to clean my coffee grinder? 

It depends on the design of the manual or electric coffee grinder, but we sincerely suggest you contact us before you try to take out the hopper.


Palico Handy Grinder: As this is an electric hand coffee grinder, the bean hopper is small. We suggest using a soft brush to clean the coffee ground that is left in the hopper. Cleaning the electric coffee grinder in Hong Kong with rice is another option after a long time of use.

Palico Aroma Coffee Grinder: You can take out the hopper and burr for this coffee grinder machine. Then, use a soft brush to clean the coffee ground that is left in the hopper. When you put back the hopper and burr, please make sure there is no coffee ground sticking remaining. You can also clean the coffee grinder with rice.

Palico Pro Coffee Grinder: We do not suggest users to twist out the bean hopper unless it is necessary. Any coffee ground may stay in between the hopper thread, it may cause misalignment when users try to rotate back the hopper into the coffee grinder. This will likely damage the machine.


How should I clean my coffee grinder? 

Most types of coffee makers and grinders cannot be cleaned by water, but it may become clogged without cleaning after using it over a long period of time. We suggest users to use rice to clean the manual or electric coffee grinder after using it for a long period of time (i.e., at least more than 6 months).