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Palico Coffee Workshop - Tasting Entrance

Palico Coffee Workshop - Tasting Entrance

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Tasting Entrance🍫 – After a sip of coffee, what appears in your mind? What if we pair coffee with chocolate? Coffee and chocolate may be combined since they grow together naturally. This workshop on coffee and chocolate pairings will concentrate on the distinctive flavor profiles of a hand-picked assortment of coffee and chocolate that not only go well together but also improve your tasting experience! Trust us, your taste buds will be broadened and you'll definitely be surprised by all of these!


Medium of instruction

The workshop would be conducted in Cantonese ONLY. We’re sorry for not conducting workshops with other languages but we hope there’ll be one in the future.


What is this workshop about?

Taste the coffee after getting experience of brewing yours. You will get to know how cupping works. We provide materials and information for you to explore your taste buds. Then, we will guide you to describe the coffee with your own words and share your thoughts. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers while tasting your coffee, coz that really depends on your own tasting notes!! Playing mix & match with chocolate is a bonus of the workshop. It’s exciting to have a taste of both chocolate and coffee.


Workshop Fee

It costs HKD400 per head. It’s worth joining with a special gift from us, which is spending at/ over HKD200 in our store (excluding online shop), you can enjoy a HKD50 discount (for regular priced items only).

Note: Registration of the Tasting Entrance workshop is required at least 1 day in advance. Thanks for your support!

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