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Palico Coffee Workshop - Latte Art

Palico Coffee Workshop - Latte Art

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Latte Art  – Hey, hey, hey!!! Here we finally have the Latte Art workshop due to many people's expectation. Coffee enthusiasts will have a delightful hands-on experience at the PALICO Latte Art Workshop, which will allow you to escape the hustle and bustle, and concentrate on the exquisite process of making coffee with milk.


Medium of instruction

The workshop would be conducted in Cantonese ONLY. We’re sorry for not conducting workshops with other languages but we hope there’ll be one in the future.


What is this workshop about?

Our barista will instruct participants in a variety of coffee brewing techniques throughout the 90-minute course, including espresso extraction, whipping milk, the direct pour method, and learning the fundamentals of coffee latte art. We'll set up every participant's coffee-brewing equipment.


Workshop Fee

It takes HKD300 per head. It’s worth to join with a special gift from us, which is a HKD50 Cash Coupon.

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