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What is Hand Drip Coffee?

Hand drip coffee is also called pour over coffee or filter coffee. This brewing method is simply pouring hot water through coffee grounds in a filter and the water drains through the coffee grounds and filter into a carafe or mug. The recipes for it, as well as equipment within a hand drip coffee set are diverse.

Different hand drip coffee equipment and the coffee to water ratio can change the flavours and aroma of the coffee. Hand drip coffee in Hong Kong is popular for single origin coffee because it can brighten the taste. Unlike espressos, hand drip coffee is clean and clear. Coffee will excrete oil and fragrances during brewing, but the filter can catch lots of oils, and this is the reason leading to a clean cup. Since most of the oils will be left in the dripper, oily dark roast coffee is not recommended for making the hand drip coffee pot.

Why You Need A Hand Crip Coffee Set in HK?

To make a pour over, you need to have a portable hand drip coffee set which includes the kettle, dripper, carafe, and scale. You can find various tools for hand drip coffee in Hong Kong.

As an essential part of any hand drip coffee set, the kettle has a long and small spout which can let you control the flow of water more easily. You need to pour water steadily when making the hand drip coffee. Normally a kettle with a larger spout is not suitable for hand drip coffee.

Water temperature is crucial for the best pot of hand drip coffee in Hong Kong. After getting the grind size correct, you may use an electric coffee kettle with water temperature control, but the price of an electric kettle is high. As an economical choice, you can choose normal pour over kettle, such as Tiamo pour over kettle. The price of this kettle is one third of an electric kettle. The elegant design can create a decorative item for your home.

For getting precise water temperature while making hand drip coffee, you can purchase a digital thermometer, like the Kadou digital thermometer as part of your portable hand drip coffee set in HK.