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How to order coffee beans online? 

You can simply browse and place your order at our coffee beans online shop. If you do not know which varieties are suitable, you may contact us for recommendations. We will seek to recommend the best coffee for you based on your preferences. As we roast fresh coffee beans in Hong Kong every week, the lead time for ordering coffee beans will be longer than typical to ensure freshness. All orders for coffee beans will be delivered after the roasting date.

Can I customize the roasting level of my coffee beans? 

To maintain the original taste, our coffee beans shop recommends roasting at medium roasting level. We will slightly modify the roasting level depending on the taste note. If you would like to adjust the roasting level, you need to inform us before purchasing coffee beans online. Once we receive your order, we will roast the coffee beans in HK according to our original roasting profile.

How should I best store my coffee beans in Hong Kong? 

With humid and hot weather, coffee beans in HK may become oxidized easily. We recommend it is best to keep coffee beans in Hong Kong inside the original zip lock bag or in an air-tight container. It is then recommended to store it in a dark, dry place to avoid direct sunlight and humidity.

How long do coffee beans tend to last? 

Coffee itself does not have an expiration date, but coffee beans will be oxidized when exposed to air. Heat and humidity will accelerate the process of oxidation. We recommend enjoying the coffee within 3 months after the roasting date your ordered coffee beans in Hong Kong.

Are freshly roasted coffee beans better? 

Not really. Freshy roasted coffee beans may be tasteless and have a dry body. They will undergo a degassing process after roasted, which normally takes about 1-2 weeks. We recommend that the coffee will have more flavours and complexity after degassing.