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What is specialty coffee? Where can you buy good coffee beans in Hong Kong? 

Coffee beans are the seed of the coffee plant. Coffee plants mainly grow in countries that surround the Equator, including countries like Brazil, Panama, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia, as the environmental conditions are more suitable for coffee plants to thrive. The countries within this area are known as the “Coffee Belt”. Due to the rising global temperature, this zone is enlarging. New coffee bean producing regions are starting to occur, such as Yunnan or Taiwan, and coffee beans online purchases from these emerging regions are increasing. Hong Kong also is located within the coffee belt, and you may try to cultivate coffee trees to produce coffee beans in HK.

The coffee plant can be divided into two main varieties - Arabica and Robusta. Robusta coffee beans consist of more caffeine as it grows at lower altitude than Arabica types, and therefore it tastes more bitter. Arabica is cultivated and offered more in coffee beans shops around the world than Robusta because of its better flavour. Cupping is the standard measurement for coffee beans in HK and internationally.

To be graded as specialty coffee, the coffee beans types need to score 80 or above on a 100-point scale. Tasters will analyse based on its attributes, including body, aroma, acidity, and flavour. Not all the Arabica beans are specialty coffee but, in practice, all the specialty ones are Arabica. With higher quality, the price of Arabica from a coffee beans shop is always more expensive than Robusta.

In order to control costs, normally the coffee provided by chain restaurants are Robusta coffee beans in HK. You will need to add milk and sugar to balance the bitter taste. Even though specialty coffee has higher quality and is more expensive, with numerous coffee bean shops as well as the advent of coffee beans online stores, it is not difficult at all to order specialty coffee beans in Hong Kong.


Specialty Coffee Beans in HK

Before the emergence of coffee beans online stores, once upon a time, specialty coffee was not popular in Hong Kong as coffee was not seen as for enjoyment. Hong Kong people used to drink coffee for caffeine rush or after meals. As mentioned before, many restaurants provide the more bitter Robusta variety. That is the reason why many people in Hong Kong tend to think a cup of “good coffee” is bitter and therefore need to drink it with milk and sugar. Therefore, typically the dark roasted coffee beans types with strong and bitter taste were more popular in a coffee beans shop in HK.

However, the occurrence of specialty coffee has broken this stereotype. When you find coffee beans in HK, it no longer means dark roasted and oily types. Buying coffee beans in Hong Kong with sweetness and acidity are accepted by coffee lovers nowadays. As more and more people know how to appreciate the true taste of coffee, cafes and coffee beans shops in Hong Kong are increasing, as well as the industry of fresh coffee beans in Hong Kong.

Instead of bitterness, coffee can have various flavours and aromas. You may find varieties with nutty, floral, fruity, or spicy taste notes in a coffee beans shop. The popularity of specialty coffee now offers new kinds of enjoyment for coffee lovers.


Palico – Specialty Coffee Beans Shop

To buy the best coffee beans in Hong Kong, many people would normally decide to go to a coffee beans shop. Some consumers may hesitate to purchase coffee beans online because they can smell the taste of different types directly, or perhaps even taste the coffee in a physical coffee beans shop.

Palico offers various specialty coffee beans online and delivers freshly roasted coffee beans in the Hong Kong area. We provide taste notes for each variety, and even though you are buying coffee beans online, you still can find the best taste for you.

For those who like their coffee with rich, sweet, and nutty flavours, you can choose Brazil Minas Gerais coffee beans. This coffee is natural processing and roasted in medium level, low acidity with nutty and chocolate flavours. If you like fruity flavours, you can choose to buy Ethiopia, Guji, Hamela or Buku coffee beans. This coffee is natural processing, and roasted at medium level to keep its winey and fruity aroma. On the other hand, if you would like to just have a fresh cup of decent coffee in the morning, the Kenya AA coffee beans will be your best choice. This coffee has high acidity due to the double washed process. Medium roasting level can maintain the sweetness and fruity flavours and make it taste almost like juice. Last but not least, the Panama Geisha coffee is one of the most expensive coffee beans in the world because of its unique floral and sweet notes.

All the types available at our coffee beans shop in Hong Kong are freshly roasted so you can enjoy the best taste of every cup of coffee. Also, buying coffee beans online is both simple and convenient, as you just need to place an order, wait for delivery, and then enjoy!


Frequently Asked Questions:


How to order coffee beans online? 

You can simply browse and place your order at our coffee beans online shop. If you do not know which varieties are suitable, you may contact us for recommendations. We will seek to recommend the best coffee for you based on your preferences. As we roast fresh coffee beans in Hong Kong every week, the lead time for ordering coffee beans will be longer than typical to ensure freshness. All orders for coffee beans will be delivered after the roasting date.


Can I customize the roasting level of my coffee beans? 

To maintain the original taste, our coffee beans shop recommends roasting at medium roasting level. We will slightly modify the roasting level depending on the taste note. If you would like to adjust the roasting level, you need to inform us before purchasing coffee beans online. Once we receive your order, we will roast the coffee beans in HK according to our original roasting profile.


How should I best store my coffee beans in Hong Kong? 

With humid and hot weather, coffee beans in HK may become oxidized easily. We recommend it is best to keep coffee beans in Hong Kong inside the original zip lock bag or in an air-tight container. It is then recommended to store it in a dark, dry place to avoid direct sunlight and humidity.


How long do coffee beans tend to last? 

Coffee itself does not have an expiration date, but coffee beans will be oxidized when exposed to air. Heat and humidity will accelerate the process of oxidation. Our coffee beans online store recommends enjoying the coffee within 3 months after the roasting date your ordered coffee beans in Hong Kong.


Are freshly roasted coffee beans better? 

Not really. Fleshy roasted coffee beans may be tasteless and have a dry body. They will undergo a degassing process after roasted, which normally takes about 1-2 weeks. Our coffee beans shop recommends that the coffee will have more flavours and complexity after degassing.